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50 Songs in Medleys: EASY Christmas Carols for the Folk Harp Tuned in C

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This beautiful collection of 50 carols and songs is for the harp with at least 34 strings with levers on F and C. All of the carols are in C or G Major. Fingerings and lever changes are written in. There are interludes between many of the songs, leading one into the next. It is instrumental with 1-2 songs per page, so there are fewer page turns. With over an hour of music, it’s a wonderful resource to learn and perform Christmas carols. Whether playing for an audience or at home, it’s everything you need in just one book! Available as instant download or a book (shipping is within the U.S. only). If downloading, it is best printed in color as the lever changes are red. 36 pages of music, 41 pages total. 



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