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50 Songs in Medleys: EASY Christmas Carols for the Lap Harp Tuned in C

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This beautiful collection of 50 carols and songs is for the harp with at least 25 strings and levers on F and C. All of the carols are in C or G Major. Fingerings and lever changes are written in. There are interludes between many of the songs, leading one into the next. It is instrumental with 1-2 songs per page, so there are fewer page turns. With over an hour of music, it’s a wonderful resource to learn and perform Christmas carols. Whether playing for an audience or at home, it’s everything you need in just one book! Available for instant download or book (shipping is within the U.S. only). If printing, it is best printed in color as the lever changes are red. 36 pages of music, 41 pages total. 



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